Who can add news on GameStory?

All registered users are allowed to add the article. You just register on our site Download Windows Media Player. The password can be changed at any time in the profile.

How to add news?

You can add new by clicking “Add news” on Sidebar 수채화. In the article submision tab, you must fill in all the fields – the URL of the original article, the brief title of the article, the category, the title image uploaded from the computer or the web (just paste the URL of the .jpg image) and article description Download HancomViewer 2010. It is also necessary to fill in the tags, usually by the name of the game or by the word that describes topic (for example, Fallout 4, Windows 10, Steam…)

I posted the article but it is not on homepage 2015 Autocad.

Your news is on Pending list waiting for approval. Ten other users have to approve it before it gets to the home page Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. If any of our users see a bug in your article, they will report it and you will receive a notification. On right sidebar, you will find “My News” and “Notifications

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Someone reported an error in my article 유니티 에디터. What should I do??

If someone finds a bug in your article, you need to fix it. When you edit the article and fix issues, notify the admin that it is ok now. Admin will check your article and the report will be removed 도시정벌 9부. Only then can your article go to the home page.

Someone reported “Repost” on my article. What now?

Repost means that the same news has already been added to our site earlier, so you have to delete your article Download Shim Kung Jubo.

My article is still not approved, even when my topic is original.

Even though the topic is original, it may not be interesting for users 사과티비. If your article is not approved by other users within 36 hours, it will either be deleted or the administrator will approve it specially if it appears to be really interesting 러브하우스 브금.

I have a gaming website and I want to promote it this way. Do I get the ban??

Our site serves to concentrate the best gaming news in one place. We do not care who and where from adds the news, we only want quality content. If you have high quality content, you can increase your visits and find new readers.

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