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The 25 best co-op games to play in 2018

Humanity is unlike any other species on Earth. Look around you – look at all we can do. I am typing my brain thoughts on some ethereal electronic...


Odkiaľ vlastne hry zdarma zarábajú peniaze?

Free to Play hry sú extrémne populárne už niekoľko rokov. V podstate vystriedali hry zdarma na rôznych online stránkach a vystriedali tiež...


Sú E-sporty populárnejšie ako reálne športy?

Rast elektronických športov je oveľa, oveľa väčší ako kto mohol kedy predpokladať. V našom krátkom článku sa pozrieme na fenomén,...


EA ‘pushing for more open-world games [because] you can monetise them better,’ says ex-Bioware dev

Geostorm “It’s definitely a thing inside of EA, they are generally pushing for more open-world games,” says Heir. “And the...


A reminder that Overwatch should be the friendliest shooter ever

At its best, Blizzard’s Overwatch is the place I hope to wake up in when I die, die, die. A superspy sitcom that just happens to be a sublime...


9 PC gaming myths we believed when we were kids

윈도우 10 어도비 플래시 수동 The internet used to be a finite commodity. Before we were always connected and everyone could google topics...


Are indie games too cheap?

전람회 취중진담 Eric Barone spent four years making Stardew Valley, teaching himself to code, to draw and redraw pixel art, to write...


The Problem With Difficulty In Video Games

라스트캐슬 Video games are always iterating. As they evolve, developers keep finding new ways to toy with the ideas of “challenge”...


The Complete Saga Of How MachineGames Saved Wolfenstein

7080 음악 다운로드 To say MachineGames is doing well would be an understatement. After reviving the classic first-person shooter franchise...


Top 10 Restaurants In Video Games

윤고딕 300 From traditional Japanese restaurants to a food stand built around a power generator in a post-apocalyptic baseball stadium, gaming is...